The Leak Stops Here.

At Tuff Skins Technology, our applicators are factory trained and certified. Our liners are applied using the highest quality materials, latest technology and most precise spray equipment available. Our Tuff Skins liner can be applied to virtually any surface with no seams, no folds and no leaks, guaranteed.

What makes Tuff Skins unique?

Spray-on polyurea liner from Tuff Skins is a problem solver. There's a reason we call it the "toughest liner on the planet."

  • It is extremely abrasion and chemical resistant
  • It is UV resistant
  • 100% solids – No VOC’s (volatile organic compounds)
  • Can be applied to any thickness in a single application
  • Is 100% safe for fish and all aquatic life (view MSDS)
  • Can be applied to virtually any surface with proper preparation
  • Has a very fast cure time, can be walked on and handled in seconds
  • Conforms to any shape and size with no seams, no folds, and no leaks
  • Eliminates the need for bulkhead fittings and gaskets around pipes
  • Is safe - USDA approved for potable water and incidental food contact
  • Can be sprayed in almost any color

We tried to make it leak. We couldn't.


Because of it's uniquely durable UV resistant, and non-toxic properties, Tuff Skins spray-on polyurea liners can be utilized in many situations where a traditional liner will not work.

  • Koi ponds
  • Water Garden features
  • Fountains
  • Pond repair
  • Water containment systems
  • Animal habitats
  • Aquaculture industry applications
  • Countless other applications – call us for a quote on your next project